Consuming an API

Each API has its own page, each tab contains different features:

  • Documentation: This area is dedicated to the documentation of the API by the provider. Endpoints and various parameters are listed here.
  • Pricing: Each API can be monetized through Mashape. An API Provider can set up monetization through the pricing page, while consumers can subscribe to a pricing plan according to their needs from the ones available under this tab
  • Overview: An overview of the API, as defined by the API provider.
  • Status: The status of the API, its uptime and latency.
  • Announcements: A place where the provider can announce changes to its API, along with various Terms of Service.
  • API Support: The first line of support for an API. API Consumers can open public or private tickets with the provider.

Documentation tab

The documentation is the heart of one's API, for consumers this is the most interesting tab.

Documentation Tab Fig. 1 The Documentation tab

  1. On the left sidebar, a listing of all endpoints is shown. Endpoints come ordered in functional groups when the provider specifies so.
  2. In the middle of the page, you can see all the API parameters to perform and test endpoints. Note that you might have to change these according to what you want to achieve. There are listed general instructions and description for each endpoint that will help you consume the API. Remember the Mashape Application you created in the previous step? When testing an endpoint, you can select it from the dropdown menu from within this section. After testing the endpoint, you can navigate back to the dashboard and you will see the analytics appear.
  3. On the right sidebar you can find the request generator. Simply select your choice of programming language and the request will appear as a code snippet.

Pricing tab

The pricing tab is where API consumers go to choose a consumption plan and where API providers define how to price their API.

There are two types of plans:

  • Public Plans
  • Private Plans

• Public Plans

The default view when navigating to the pricing tab. As a provider you can customise each plan with a base price. You can have up to 4 default plans at one time. (Basic, Pro, Ultra, Mega)


You can specify limits per endpoint call per plan:
For example your basic plan might restrict access to only 3 out of 5 of your API's endpoints and with 1000 calls per day.

Features: You can add extra features to customers that subscribe to a particular plan. For example, phone support, legacy access... or chocolate cookies.

• Private plans

These are just like public plans in terms of setup, but unlike them, they're not available to everyone. This means they will be invisible to the public. Providers need to invite consumers to the private plans using the "Send Plan" button.

Overview tab

This tab is only visible if the API provider adds content to it.

  1. In the overview tab you can add headlines that give a general overview of what your API is all about. 1
  2. You can also add your custom API Terms of usage. 2

Overview Tab Fig. 3 The Overview tab

Status tab

This tab shows basic analytics about the health of the API.

Announcements tab

This tab is only visible to the public if the provider writes at least one announcement to communicate with the community of developers on Mashape.

API Support tab

Here you can submit and collaborate on any issue you or others might have with an API. Simply add an issue by completing the mandatory fields (you can use Markdown). Issues can be private if you only want the provider to see them (for example if you want to share somewhat confidential data that you would like to keep away from the eyes of the public). You can use the issue search function to filter out certain types of issues by name.