##Exploring the Marketplace

If you know of a specific API, you can search for it specifically in the marketplace. Otherwise, you can search the marketplace through categories.

Explore the Marketplace
Fig. 1 Explore the marketplace

  • On the left sidebar, the categories help you to quickly navigate the marketplace.
  • On the top, additional filters allow you to drill down in the marketplace depending on
    • Sort by: Relevance, Date, Popularity, Ownership
    • Price range: Free, Freemium, Paid
    • Display view: Grid or List

For each of the displayed APIs you can see the number of developers who have consumed it. Once you consume an API, you automatically become its follower. You can also become a follower by adding a "star" to the API.

Additionally the uptime of the API is shown. Mashape as the proxy between consumers and providers pings all APIs to detect downtime.

Finally you can star an API to show your support to the provider and developers community.

If an API is private, a lock icon will appear next to its name. Such APIs are not publicly discoverable by others but you (if the owner invited you to it), and the provider

Select an API by clicking on it and you will be taken to its documentation page.