Let's create an Application

When you consume an API on Mashape you assign it to an Application, by default this is the Default Application.

All the APIs you've consumed on Mashape are listed below, grouped by the Application they are assigned to. You can quickly see the status of APIs in a glance.

There are two ways to create an application:

  1. From the site navigation toolbar
  2. From the dashboard clicking the Add application button

Creating an application
Fig. 1 Create an Application

Single Application Overview

After specifying the name of the application (I picked "New App") you will be greeted with the following screen.

Creating an application
Fig. 2 New application

On the left sidebar:

  • Upload App Logo: To help you identify your apps easily, you can pick and upload an app logo from your computer.
  • Overview: Summary of the APIs contained within this application.
  • Quotas: Number of requests (directly related to the period displayed in the dropdown menu on the top right)
  • General Settings: This view allows you to specify or rename your application, description and to delete the application.

On the top menu of this view:

  • Filter: Use the filter to select specific APIs to view its analytics within the application
  • Analytics Dropdown: Filtering by period and environment for analytics purposes
  • Get The Keys: Retrieve your Development or Production keys, used as authorisation headers in all your API calls to Mashape when consuming one of the APIs from the marketplace. You can re-generate (and block previous ones) keys in case you misplace them or if you believe they might be compromised.

Great! Now that you've created an application it is time to consume an API.