Understanding Pricing

Mashape provides a simple billing solution to monetize your API.

Table of Contents

  1. Free APIs
  2. Paid APIs

###Free APIs The Mashape marketplace has thousands of FREE APIs. You can try any of these APIs without providing credit card details. As the name suggests, these APIs are clearly marked as FREE. Occasionally you’ll need to acquire an API key or token from the provider’s website. We’re working on making this process fast and painless.

How does pricing for paid APIs work?

Users that want to subscribe to a monetized API are required to select a pricing plan. Prices are based on a recurring monthly subscription; plus, overage fees are applied to users that exceed a plan’s request allowance.

Mashape takes a flat 20% fee on paid plans you set up

All Freemium APIs are labeled as a Basic plan. You can test a Basic plan, within limits. It’s your responsibility to review and acknowledge the plan’s usage limitations. As an example the Basic plan, featured below, permits up to 12,500 requests and 1,250 uploads per day. If you exceed these limits, your account will be charged an overage fee. In this situation, each additional request is charged $0.0001, or an additional $0.001 per image.

Pricing Fig. 1 Pricing

PRO-TIP: All credit card details are kept safe in Mashape, using today’s best practices. We use the same technology Amazon uses for their ecommerce platform.

Once you’ve subscribed to a plan, you can return to the Documentation page and test the API. Just like FREE APIs, you might be required to authenticate requests by passing an API key or Token to identify with the end server. Once that’s completed and you’ve specified any other parameter required by the endpoint, you can consume the API through the browser or use the code snippets; which are available in your favorite development languages.”