Mashape is the Cloud API Marketplace where developers can easily consume Cloud APIs to integrate in their next project, and where existing APIs can be distributed to the community and monetized.

For Consumers

It's really easy to start using public API's on mashape, and we have made it even easier to power your next app with our Unirest project. Unirest is an open source library that does HTTP REST really well, and it’s available in multiple languages. More languages will be coming soon (send us suggestions). Although we make use of Unirest to generate HTTP requests on Mashape, it can be used with any API.

The Marketplace Fig. 1 Free APIs are waiting for you!

For Providers

If you already have an API we make it simple to distribute and monetize your API. Even better, you remain in complete control of your source code, server and pricing. Just by adding your API to mashape's marketplace you get instant exposure to our growing userbase and a search engine optimized profile page for your API. You get everything for free. We don't charge developers a dime unless they are utilizing our billing system and making money themselves.

The Marketplace Fig. 2 Document, monetize and distribute your API!