Define Basic API Settings

Each API has settings that you need to define carefully, whether it is just the name of the API or the root base URL of your endpoint, consider spending a few minutes getting accustomed with the interface of the API settings page

Table of Contents

  1. Defining the Base URL
  2. Defining other API information

Defining the Base URL

In the Documentation view, click the "Change Network Settings" button. This leads to a new view within the general administration panel for the API.

We want to define a Base URL Endpoint, this is the base URL at which your API is reachable. Lets enter the Base URL (for example then hit the Test and Save button: Mashape will ping (using a HEAD request) your APIs Base URL to ensure its reachable.

Defining the Base URL
Fig. 1 Defining the Base URL

Additionally you can change the Mashape Public DNS entry by hitting the dropdown and changing the URL to something more concise. For example in the screen below you can see how "mashape-tutorial-Tutorial-API-v1" can be shortened so if you rather pick a shorter name, you can do that as long as it is unique!

Defining other API information

Next thing you want to do is click “General” on the left hand side menu, you will be presented with the following fields, make sure to complete them:

  • Name - The name of your API
  • Categories - A category to which your API belongs, and select from the existing ones
  • Website - You can list a website with relevant information regarding the API
  • Description - Very important, a description of your API. Best way to attract users are short and powerful description with good keywords!

Finally, you need to upload a logo - make sure it’s truly a beautiful piece of art since that’s what developers from all over the world will see in the search results!