API Applications & Analytics

Mashape provides powerful tools and analytics for API consumers and providers. Learn about Applications and how you can leverage them to your benefit, and understand the power of Analytics.

Table of Contents

  1. What are Applications
  2. Understanding Analytics

What are Applications

Mashape allows you to quickly consume APIs. There are 3 different types of APIs:

  • Free - APIs that can be consumed by anyone, with no restrictions
  • Paid - APIs that require you to pay a fee to be consumed
  • Freemium - APIs that are initially free but depending on quotas and feature restrictions, set by the provider, will eventually require you to pay a fee

Because there are so many APIs in the marketplace, there was a natural need to be able to consume APIs together. For this reason we developed Mashape Applications

An application is a grouping of APIs (defined by the user) that allows you to quickly tune and display an overview of what is happening: if you are working on a project simply create an application and add as many APIs you need to it. You will see that as you consume APIs statistics and analytics will be appearing within the application. Great for keeping an eye on performance and costs!

You can also create Applications to consume API while developing and in production environments, using the different Mashape Keys provided.

You can create as many Applications as you want and require. Each application has a set of APIKeys, one for development purposes and one for production.

Additionally with an application you can:

  • Manage and monitor all consumed APIs from a simple aggregated view
  • Track statistics in a snap: Volume, Latency or Error Rates
  • Issue and regenerate API Keys
  • Migrate from Testing To Production environments
  • Configure payments

Understanding Analytics

Our CEO, Augusto, loves Analytics so we baked them in Mashape.

With Analytics you can understand how well or bad your API is performing. Alerts are the next best thing, so you can fix APIs that go down in the middle of the night! Happy customers are hard work :D!

Analytics are extremely important, we need to protect the data
Fig. 1 Analytics are extremely important, we need to protect the data