API Application Keys

Mashape provides every user with unique API keys that authenticate them against the platform. These API Keys are directly connected to your Applications within Mashape. API Keys are used for billing and access control. Providers can use API Keys to identify users.

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Table of Contents

  1. Types of API Keys
  2. Getting and Changing API Keys

Types of API Keys

When consuming an API through Mashape, you will first notice Applications. Applications are explained in detail here. Each application provides a consumer with a pair of API Keys:

  • Production API Key: Usage is tracked with a Production Key: You will be able to track the number of calls consumed from each API.

  • Development API Key: With a Development API Key, you can run tests. Please note, the analytics page will not track an API’s consumption with a Mashape Development Key.

Getting and Changing API Keys

If you need to list or re-generate your API Keys, here are the required steps.

  • Login to Mashape and click on any Application you want to list or change API Keys, or you can create a new Application.
  • Navigate to the Get the Keys Button in the Application view.

    Get Keys button on the right Fig. 1 The Get Keys button

  • Choose which API Key you want to copy or regenerate.

Regenerate API Keys Fig. 2 Regenerating as easy as 1 click

When Regenerating a key you can block the existing one immediately, or within a 12 hour time frame.